(The song: “Luv On A Razor”). This is cool. Right from the very first note on this track I wanted to play this on my station. I like the vibe that I get from it. So well put together, some great instrumentation. Will look for you on ReverbNation. Are you on Twitter? I can tweet when your song is played. I do get the Billy Idol feel with this song. ---Erik / EDA Music Radio review      (3/15/2019)” - Erik

— EDA Music Radio review

MAC A MILLION DOLLAR MAN MUSICK has decided to select your song, “LUV ON A RAZOR” for this listing. “You nailed the 80's sound!”This is a cool song, we would like to test the market, to get a second opinion on the songs potential! With your permission, we will forward this song to a few of our label contacts, and media clients, along with all of your contact information.If they like what they hear, they will let us know, then you will be contacted. It could take anywhere from 0 to 90 days, and depends on the clients interest in the track. Good luck, and please keep up the good work!We cannot thank you enough for your time, and interest thus far, and hope the future provides more opportunities for us to work together! All the best of luck with your creations. Sincerely, Charlie Mac Independent A & R, CEO” - Charlie Mac, Independent A & R, CEO

— Music Xray 21 Century A & R